Believability Honors Gala

Congratulations to all award winners:

2017-2018 Rookie of the Year: Jason Parker, Woods Harbour Wesleyan

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A Leading Model of Alpha in Atlantic Canada: Rev. Verner Drost, Smythe Street Cathedral

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Life Group Impact: Rev. Matthew Maxwell, The Journey Wesleyan Church

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An Extraordinary Church Launch: Pastors Mike & Nancy Miller, Nova Church, Halifax

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A Thriving Church Plant in Atlantic Canada: Rev. A.J. Thomas, Deep Water Church

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Imagine Church Expansion Project: Rev. Jerry Reddy, Hillside Church Moncton

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Outstanding Overall Ministry: Rev. Brent Ingersoll, Kings Church

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The Believability Lifetime Achievement Honour: Rev. Joseph W. Beesley, Sunset Church

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The Believability Honours Gala is sponsored by the Buckingham leadership Institute, a ministry of Kingswood University.