Believability 2019 Schedule

Main Session: 9:30 -11:00
Dr. L.D Buckingham
Carey Nieuwhof
Brent Ingersoll

Break: 11:00-11:20

Main Session: 11:20 - 12:30
Carey Nieuwhof
Tammy Giffen

Lunch Break: 12:30-1:50

Power Lunch optional Q&A: 12:40- 1:50 ($20 per person)
1)Carey Nieuwhof (Hosted by Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Rep, Sheldon MacLeod)

2) Children's Ministry (Hosted by Liz Hoyt, Kristen Hammond, Kelly Dobson)

3)Worship Ministry (Hosted by Laura Harris, Marc Jolicoeur, Jay Muir)

Others may decide to debrief with your team at one of many restaurants nearby or bring your own lunch to MW atrium.

Breakouts Block ONE: 2:00 - 2:50 (full descriptions coming soon)
- Marc Jolicoeur - Worship Track: Start Where You Are, Not Where Others Are
- Kelly Dobson - Children's Min Track: Transforming Your Children's Ministry
- Justin Beesley & Dale Riley - The Tension of Change
Jason Parker - Small church, Big difference
- Rob Nylen - Multicultural Church
- Adam & Julie Brewer - Celebrate Recovery
- Dr. L.D. Buckingham - Burnout Antidotes

Breakouts Block TWO: 3:00 - 3:50

- Jay Muir - Worship Track: Planning for the Presence of God
- Kristen Hammond - Children Track: Parents First Impressions are Critical
- Jason Parker - Small church, Big difference
H.C. Wilson - Healthy Boards & Committees
- Dave Steeves - Leading Yourself First
- Ron Huntley - How Alpha Can Impact Your Church
- Jerry Reddy - Creating Fantastic Sundays

Main Session: 4:00-5:00
Worship: MW Worship Band
Mike Miller