ABOUT LD Buckingham

Dr Buckingham served as the pastor of Moncton Wesleyan Church for 44 years, from 1969-2013. During that time, Dr Buckingham, a 1961 Kingswood University graduate, led the church through relocation and helped the congregation grow from 150 to nearly 2,000.

Currently, Dr. Buckingham serves as the CEO of the Buckingham Leadership Institute, which hosts training events and provides coaching to local church leaders in the areas of leadership development and church consultations designed to maximize church potential. A sought after conference speaker, Dr. Buckingham has passionately addressed crowds around North America. Dr. Laurel Buckingham has held many District and General Church positions, including serving on the General Board of The Wesleyan Church, District Board and the Board of Directors for Kingswood University, as well as being the Assistant District Superintendent. 

His success as an effective leader in ministry is known across The Wesleyan Church and beyond. He is a passionate preacher of The Gospel with a burning zeal to see lives changed by the power of God. 

Buckingham is happily married to his wife, Lois, of over 50 years. They are currently residing in Moncton, New Brunswick. 


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