Dr. Buckingham Announces New Executive Director

- By Austin White -

The Buckingham Leadership Institute (BLI) has expanded by adding their first Executive Director, Pastor Dave Steeves. L.D. Buckingham is best known for Pastoring 45 years in one church, Moncton Wesleyan, which became Atlantic Canada’s largest church. He has recently made a successful transition to coaching and equipping other local church Pastors through the Buckingham Leadership Institute.

When asked about the new Executive Director, Buckingham says

Dave has proven himself to be one of the most effective Pastors in this region.

"He has consistently and diligently applied the principles shared by the Leadership Institute. As a result, he led a group of dedicated teenagers to become a youth ministry larger than most entire congregations in this region. His passion for these working principles and changed lives has motivated him to step into this role with BLI.”

This isn’t the first time these two leaders have partnered together. They worked together for 13 years at Moncton Wesleyan while Dave was on staff as Youth Pastor and as a part of the preaching team.

To be able to reconnect with Pastor Buckingham and partner with him in a fresh new way on a mission that he is more passionate about than ever before, is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up

says Dave who will continue to serve in Moncton, NB as an Associate Pastor at one of Atlantic Canada’s thriving churches, Hillside Baptist.

Along with monthly coaching sessions for Pastors, church consultations and other speaking events, BLI is offering a one-day Believability Event on November 17th for those key influencers of local churches who want to see their church get unstuck and break their next barrier. “Every church gets stuck at various stages, what people tend to forget is Moncton Wesleyan was once one of the smallest churches around. I believe that by learning some clear, practical steps a Pastor can be very influential in helping a congregation move forward in reaching more people for Jesus Christ, rather than slipping towards decline.” Buckingham went on to say:

I believe the church can and should be the most cutting edge innovative creative dynamic force in every community.

"It is my belief that any situation can be turned around to go forward with the right kind of leadership, given time.”

Interested in being part of the monthly coaching sessions that begin in September? More information about BLI and the Believability Event on Nov 17th can be found at by emailing dave@hillsidemoncton.org or clicking -here-.

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