consulting process

  1. Self-Study - Completed by the church prior to the consultation weekend.
  2. Friday - Initial one-on-one interviews with Pastor and ministry leaders.
  3. Friday Night - Interview with a focus group of 15-25 people.
  4. Saturday (Morning and Lunch) - Leadership seminar on church vitality with as many as possible, especially people involved in a ministry.
  5. Saturday Afternoon - Meeting with Pastor to preview recommendations.
  6. Sunday Morning - Vision casting sermon.
  7. Sunday Morning (immediately after service) - Congregational or Board meeting to present and distribute printed copies of the recommendations.
  8. Two-Three Weeks Later - If it is the congregation's responsibility to decide, they would meet to answer questions and discuss the recommendations.
  9. Following Week* - Congregational meeting to vote on recommendations.
    • Following a Favourable Vote - Various ministries of the church will conduct a thorough audit to align ministry focus with the church's purpose.

*A coach will be made available to facilitate and assist the pastor in follow-up.


Due to the great urgency of the need to revitalize churches and the fact that this process has proven to be so extremely effective for a church of any size, the Buckingham Leadership Institute has raised funding to make it possible for Dr. Buckingham to provide this consultation at a reasonable cost for any church.

For more information or to register, please contact us.