Express Mentorship

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 What is it?

A two-day opportunity to take in all 8 of Dr L.D. Buckingham’s Leadership Mentoring Sessions.
Seminars are presented live with interactive Q&A following each session.

 Express mentorship will answer a variety of questions including:

How to be free of all counterproductive and undermining fears.

How to function from a position of strength and confidence instead of fear and weakness.

How to receive criticism without any feeling of being threatened and fearful.

How to identify clear, doable steps in order to be confident in normally threatening circumstances.

How to have successful conversations with people who give pushback.

How to implement plans, concepts, principles and methods guaranteed to produce.

How to develop enthusiastic cooperation and dependability.

How to get others to be passionate about your vision.

How to achieve your goals.

How to lead and inspire involvement in the face of apathy and reluctance.

How to inspire excitement about financial support.

How to develop an atmosphere that people are excited to be a part of and want to invite others to experience.

How to connect with the culture without compromise or alienation.

How to bring about necessary change with minimal or no loss.

Steps certain to prevent burnout.


Monday February 3rd & Tuesday February 4th, 2020


Jacksonville Baptist Church

433 Route 560, Jacksonville, NB


Church leaders, influencers & business leaders.


Do you need a leadership boost?
Are you seeking a fresh vision as you look towards 2020?
Do you desire to bust through a personal leadership lid?
Perhaps a monthly mentorship model does not fit your current schedule and taking two days to receive the full package is ideal. This event will help your leadership expand to the next level and help you break barriers in your organization!


$99 until January 18th, 2020 Early Bird Price

$129 January 19th – Feb 2nd, 2020