The heart of the Buckingham Leadership Institute is the Leadership Roundtable Mentoring.  It is Dr. Buckingham's passion, vision, and determination to do everything possible to see the church turned around and to go forward at an unprecedented rate which will happen with the right kind of leadership, given time. The goal of the mentoring process is to see that kind of leadership developed.


The purpose of the mentoring program is to assist ministry leaders to truly maximize their potential without any hindrances. The environment becomes one of trust and safety where the participants are free to be open about their personal and ministry challenges and find the answers that will make the difference.

Principles and thoughts are discussed that get into the foundation, resulting in the most insecure person learning how to become a secure, confident, and creative leader. Anyone can become a great leader! Dr. Buckingham is committed to training and encouraging local church leaders. He believes that every leader can lead with greater confidence and increased effectiveness, given their commitment to overcome obstacles and continue to be a life-long leader.

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." - Prov. 27:1


Meetings are held once a month for ten months from 10AM-3PM. Morning session taught by Dr. Buckingham with the afternoon session sharing of blessing and challenges. Mutual mentoring by discussing how to break barriers for effective growth.

During this process, you will engage with other catalytic leaders in significant learning opportunities. For example, the 2015 group participated in the Growing Healthy Churches Seminar led by Dr. Paul Borden at Kingswood University and the Leadership Summit with Dr. John Maxwell in Moncton, NB. 

Resources to assist in leadership development included.

Cost: $950 per year (Everything is priced strictly at cost)

Price includes: All sessions, noon meals, resource materials, cost of special presenters, and an all-inclusive overnight retreat with spouse to talk about marriage in the ministry.

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