Breakout Sessions Descriptions 

Breakouts Block ONE: 2:00 - 2:50 

Mark Jolicoeur, Worship Track: Start Where You Are, Not Where Others Are

In an image-heavy & idealized world, it can be easy for us to look around at churches & organizations that are “doing it right” and feel compelled by their apparent successes to try and reproduce their models, even if we don’t know how or even if those models will work for us!  This battle is perhaps felt nowhere stronger than in Worship Ministries.  If you are a “Church Leader” or a “Worship Leader” (functions that flexibly overlap) with questions about where your Worship Ministry should be going and how it could get there, join in the conversation and let’s discover how to start where you are, not where others are.

Kelly Dobson, Children's Mininistry Track: Transforming Your Children's Ministry

Be inspired by a ministry leader who has been through each level of Children’s Ministry growing pains and joys.  Learn practical steps you need to take today, in order to get to where you want to be tomorrow.


Justin Beesley & Dale Riley: The Tension of Change

Change is inevitable, it’s happening around us every day and it’s happening in our churches. The question you have to answer is, am I leading the change or is it happening void of my influence? Many see the tension of leading change as opposition when in fact it should be the very thing that helps you get to where you want to go. Remember, you cannot even carry an egg in your hand without learning how to use tension to you advantage. 


Jason Parker: Small church, Big difference 

Be inspired by a story of how a small rural church in over a decade of decline turned things around to have significant kingdom impact and hear some practical steps Jason has learned and is learning that could be helpful in your own situation. It takes all different kinds of churches to reach all different kinds of people. And if the doors to our churches are still open that means God has a kingdom plan and purpose and it’s our hope this session will help inspire and encourage you to that end.


Rob Nylen: Multicultural Church  

As churches we want to reach our neighbourhoods, and our neighbourhoods are becoming more and more ethnically diverse.  Gain insights on how churches around our region are becoming more culturally diverse and the story of one local church that now has 25+ nationalities represented.  

Adam & Julie Brewer: Celebrate Recovery

Do you have people in your congregation with Hurts, Hang-ups or Habits? How equipped is your church currently in helping those seeking Recovery?

Be encouraged by hearing about the fruit and transformed lives Kings Church has seen over five years and learn the practical steps to starting Celebrate Recovery in your church.

Dr. L.D. Buckingham: Burnout Antidotes

Join Dr. Buckingham as he provides insight about burnout and practical steps that can be taken to proactively prevent it.

Breakouts Block TWO: 3:00 - 3:50

Jay Muir, Worship Track: Planning for the Presence of God

We all want to experience the power and the presence of God in our worship services. Those moments when God’s omnipresence gives way to His manifest presence as He comes to minister directly to the hearts of His people. Nothing is more attractive to the unbeliever or more uplifting for the Body of Christ. Fortunately, Scripture gives us some clues as to how we as pastors and worship leaders can actually plan to experience His presence as we gather. Pastor Jay will take you step-by-step through his planning process for a typical worship service, highlighting how Scripture and the Holy Spirit can guide us in our planning process towards truly experiencing His presence in our weekend services. 

Kristen Hammond, Children’s Ministry Track: Parents First Impressions are Critical

Children’s Ministry usually only has one chance to make a great first impression.  Is your space/systems/volunteers ready to welcome new families like highly valued guests?  Gain helpful insights so that your church does not miss out on new families choosing your church.

Pat Steeves: Small Groups

Are Small Groups a priority at your church? Where do you start when developing an effective Small Group model? Join Pat Steeves as he shares practical insights he has learned in launching a Small Group strategy. 


H.C. Wilson: Healthy Boards & Committees

Is a giraffe really a horse put together by a church committee? Not always. Not necessarily. Healthy boards and committees have a real impact on church life. This is for you if you need fresh thinking/strategy for the board or committee you are part of.

Dave Steeves: Leading Yourself First

Our greatest leadership challenge is faced every morning in the mirror.  If you can’t lead yourself well you will be incapable of leading others long term. If you are looking for motivation on how to realign your mindset towards ministry and your daily priorities this is for you.  Dave has attempted to consume every resource on this topic and has filtered the most helpful for you.

Ron Huntley: How Alpha Can Impact Your Church

Alpha is an amazing way to make disciples and raise up leaders , if we do it well.  Ron will share ways to insure you get maximum impact and the sustainable fruit your church desires by sharing his learnings and experience. Ron is the author of Unlocking Your Parish, Using Alpha to Make Disciples and Raise Up Leaders with Alpha.  He also coaches churches all over the world to get the most out of this tool.  Don’t miss out on what has helped transform Churches.


Jerry Reddy: Creating Fantastic Sundays

Sunday is your most important day to make an impact, are you purposefully prepared every week? Are you currently stuck because of predictable Sunday services?  Jerry will provide practical steps that will explain how to maximize every Sunday through intentional planning, rehearsals and Strategic Evaluation.